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Mobile Access

Before you begin, please check the following list to make sure you have what you need to enroll. Please enroll from 9 AM-3 PM (Pacific Time)

  1. Download the Sprig app found on the Apple Store or Android Play Store.
  2. Make sure you have your full account number.
  3. Make sure all of your information is up-to-date at Primary Credit Union. (Name, Address, Phone, etc)
  4. Make sure to use all of your own information even if you are a joint owner. (We will prompt you if we need any Primary Account Holder info)
  5. You must have more than $2.00 in your accounts. Sprig will be making 2 micro-deposits in order to complete the enrollment process. Please make sure to have access to Online Banking to view the transactions or call the credit union to verify the deposits.


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Who should I call with questions about Sprig?
You can contact the Sprig Help Line any time, day or night:

Phone Number: (866) 698-8896
For callers outside the U.S.: (817) 554-7758

What is Sprig® by CO-OP?

Sprig by CO-OP is a unique mobile banking application that enables members to conveniently access all their accounts. This includes accounts at different participating credit unions as well as the ability to send money to any financial institution via RealPay by CO-OP functionality. Credit unions are connected through the CO-OP Connect switch. Credit union members enroll their accounts and can conduct various transactions on them, depending on the type of access they use. Online, mobile applications and text are available access options.

How are Sprig transactions identified on my accounts?

Sprig transactions are clearly identified as “Deposit Shared Branch Sprig” or “Withdrawal Shared Branch Sprig.”

How secure is Sprig?

Security is our utmost concern. Sprig online and mobile adhere to all federal audit standards for physical and electronic security with 256-bit SSL encryption, with data security that meets or exceeds FFIEC guidelines and SAS70 certified data centers. Sprig also uses multifactor authentication methods.

What does it cost to use Sprig?

There are no upfront costs and no monthly fees.

Why doesn’t the Sprig site look like my credit union’s website?

Sprig is a product of CO-OP Financial Services, the company that coordinates credit union Shared Branching nationwide and you probably recognize from it’s familiar red triangle logo at more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs available to participating credit union members nationwide.

Can I unsubscribe from Sprig?

Yes. If you remove the last account from your wallet, either online or on the Settings screen in the Sprig App, your Sprig account will be completely deleted.

Which browsers are supported?

For the best performance, use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Chrome.

I am sending a payment to a mobile number, why won’t it let me send it?

To provide the most secure and best in class service, we require recipients to give us permission prior to sending text messages. If the recipient has not yet validated their mobile number, please send the payment via email. Once you send it to their email address, the recipient will have the opportunity to validate their mobile number and once they do this, you can then send future payments to them via their mobile phone.

How do I send P2P payments with Sprig?

You can send money to any person who has an account with a U.S. financial institution by entering the payee’s email address or mobile number.

How will the recipients receive their money in their accounts?

  • If the recipient participates in Sprig by CO-OP or RealPay by CO-OP, the payment is sent to the recipient’s designated default payment account. Payments are posted in real-time.
  • If the recipient does not have to participate in Sprig or RealPay by CO-OP they will be notified via e-mail or text message that money has been sent to them. They will need to go to to receive their payment. Once on the site, they will have to answer basic security questions and then designate an account where they would like to have their payment sent.
  • The recipient may also have to accept terms to receive text message notifications from Sprig, if they have not previously received a text message notification from Sprig.
  • The recipient may also have to accept RealPay by CO-OP Terms, if they have not previously accepted a payment from Sprig.
  • The recipient will have fifteen days to retrieve the payment before it is cancelled. You can cancel the payment at any time before they pick up the payment.

What if the recipient does not pick up their money?

If the recipient does not try to retrieve their funds within fifteen days of you sending it, the money will automatically be deposited back into your account.

Can I cancel a payment I’ve sent?

You can cancel the payment as long as the payment status still shows as "Pending" within your Payment History.

I tried sending a payment, but I received a message that I exceeded my withdrawal limit?

You may have received this message if your payment exceeds the limit set for RealPay or if you have a newly open account.

What is RealPay by CO-OP?

RealPay by CO-OP is the technology that facilitates person-to-person (P2P) payments within Sprig.
Text Banking offered AFTER you have enrolled to Sprig. Get your balances, history, loan information in a text format.

How do I access text banking?

Please use short code 692667.

How do I check balances?

Please text BAL

Example Response:

Acct **8010
SAV-8199: $30.15
Acct **9952
SAV-8199: $300.15
CHK-001: $3000.15

How do I get my transaction history?

Please text HIST

Example Response:

10/10 DEP: $100.00
10/09 XFR W/D: $225.40
10/09 W/D: $500.00
10/09 DEP: $856.99
10/08 W/D: $7.00

How do I get a list of my accounts?

Please text LIST

The response will provide a list of accounts and their respective suffix. For example, Acct ending with 9952 as shown below has a Savings Account. The suffix for this account is 00.

Example Response:

Acct **9952
00: SAV
01: CHK
20: LOAN
21: LOAN
22: LOAN
Acct **8010
8199: SAV
8347: SAV
2970: CHK
5090: CHK

How do I get loan information?

Please text LOAN

The response will provide loan information such as balance, minimum payment due and available credit.

Example Response:

Acct **9952
Balance: $1,400.48
Available Credit: $0.00
Min Payment: $41.69
Date Due: 01/10

How do I stop receiving text message?

Please text STOP

Example Response:

Sprig by CO-OP: You have stopped Sprig Text Banking. You will receive no further messages. Reply HELP for help. For Help call 866 698-8896.

How do I get help?

Please text HELP.

This will provide help for text banking.

Example Response:

Sprig Text Banking: 1msg/query. Reply STOP to cancel. Msg & data rates may apply. Info 866 698-8896. Text CMD for help with commands.

How do I get a list of commands?

Please text CMD

This will provide a listing of commands

Example Response:

BAL: available balances
HIST <suffix>: history
LIST: list suffixes
LOAN <suffix>: loan info
Reply HELP for help
Stop to cancel


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